About me

Hello, First of all, my name is Monika and nice to meet You! I am passionate vegan foodie with a coeliac disease, but that is not about medical records! So… How many times somebody said that You eat only grass? Hundreds and thousands, I imagine… And You know what? Poor people with no imagination! We – vegans or transitioning to vegans, or just curious people, we are smart, we are creative, we are open-minded and we are ready for adventures! Yes, adventures in the kitchen.

Here, at this blog I will share my best food recipes which all are vegan and gluten free and you don’t need to be vegan or gluten free or gluten free vegan to try – it is free for all world! Just enjoy the process of cooking and eat delicious healthy and not so healthy food which always satisfies soul, even if there is little bit too much sugar. Sometimes is good to be naughty!

So how actually born Fork Not For Pork? Easy – too much free time! Joking. I had so much struggle with other people, friends and not so good friends, whatever, as I cannot eat this or that and there is nothing to buy for me ready to eat… but instead of acting a victim I started to bring my own food into all parties and everyone was impressed how delicious it can be! But… to write a blog was my husband idea, he just said ‘ imagine how many people is struggling now as you did’ and I thought ‘yes, of course I am not alone. There are loads of same as me!’ So I turned on all my creativity to start creating a website and sharing peaceful food ideas. It was a long journey of mysterious programming jungle and being honest still is, but as we learning we growing!
I hope You will enjoy the recipes and help me to spread good vibes in our plates and beyond!