Chia Energy Balls

Energy balls I think now is the most overpriced healthy item in a shop. Little two bites of decent snack with no discounts cost starting from £1.50. Seems like not that much, but if You like it a lot, and that’s Your favourite snack for everyday it ends up about £10 ($13 USA) or more […]

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Coconut Quinoa Porridge

Porridge or pancakes? Or maybe omelette? What do You prefer for breakfast? I am totally into grains, almost everyday I eat it, so porridge. Unfortunately, I have a tiny struggle with it: my beloved grains are poisonous for me. OK, maybe I overreact a little bit, but still rye, barley and wheat grains is forbidden […]

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Spring Rolls with Curry Sauce

Spring rolls always associates to me with summer, I don’t know why, especially when names says ‘Spring rolls’, not summer rolls… Crazy head I have, sometimes seems like it is a cabbage, not head.. Firstly, I want to mention that rice paper is magical thing – You can roll almost everything in it, starting from […]

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Sweet potato & quinoa patties

Patties can be healthy? Patties can be healthy! That’s basically another name for burgers in this case… What’s wrong with this girl, Fork Not For Pork? She said she is gonna start new year with healthy foods, or at least try to do so, but now pastas, patties, what’s next – cakes? Maybe, who knows, […]

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