Valentine’s Day Hearts

Valentine’s Day gift always is a pack of luxury or semi luxury chocolate. Seems like same story every year, same chocolate, just different illustration on package. Maybe that chocolate is the last minute buy, or maybe selected from all heart? Who knows..? I remember one Valentine’s Day when my husband checked almost all labels in […]

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Mint Chocolate Truffles

Mint Chocolate Truffles… Well, sounds like ‘AfterEight’ but ten times better! The inspiration of this recipe born when I ordered Mint Mocha in Pret a Manger. It was a big decision for me, because I never ever been lover of mint and chocolate in one. The taste was amazing, just overwhelming! Soy milk and bitter […]

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Crunchy Mint Chocolate Bark

Chocolate bark… Decisions decisions decisions… For sure chocolate is the best girl’s friend, but only girls??? My husband shovelling chocolate like snow cleaning machine! But only milky one (even if there is no milk in it 😀 ) So, in respect of that I create a recipe which calls for my favourite dark chocolate (85% […]

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Super Healthy Carob Brownie

Healthy Brownie or just a brownie, or maybe chocolate covered brownie? Tell You what, yes those covered in chocolate is really lush, but sometimes we need to stop with that craving beast. Doctors screaming from different corners ‘ fats will kill you!’ or ‘sugar will kill you!’ some of them even shouting ‘eat meat, you […]

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