Sweet potato pancakes

Pancakes…Did You know that pancakes can be made almost from everything? I bet this is the most versatile meal ever: make it from flour, different types of flour, paleo version with banana and egg only (thanks no), potatoes, zucchini, and so on and on… List probably would be endless, and that is good! It gives […]

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Sweet potato & quinoa patties

Patties can be healthy? Patties can be healthy! That’s basically another name for burgers in this case… What’s wrong with this girl, Fork Not For Pork? She said she is gonna start new year with healthy foods, or at least try to do so, but now pastas, patties, what’s next – cakes? Maybe, who knows, […]

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Sweet potato muffins

Sweet potato muffins! OK, what’s that and why should You eat it? There is loads of different type muffins in superstore and they look better… Really? Well, everyone’s aesthetic taste is different, but You don’t need to regret a bite at all if choose homemade ones. What can be better than knowing what You actually […]

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