Valentine’s Day Hearts

Valentine’s Day gift always is a pack of luxury or semi luxury chocolate. Seems like same story every year, same chocolate, just different illustration on package. Maybe that chocolate is the last minute buy, or maybe selected from all heart? Who knows..? I remember one Valentine’s Day when my husband checked almost all labels in […]

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Vegan Ranch Dressing

Vegan Ranch Dressing… Sounds incredible huh? Rich and creamy thick sauce on large mountain of salad!…I know, most of us are addicted to salads but vegans don’t eat Ranch dressing! So what, because we love our skinny salads, no matter than even the best combination becomes boring over the time. Easiest thing in my opinion, […]

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Sweet potato pancakes

Pancakes…Did You know that pancakes can be made almost from everything? I bet this is the most versatile meal ever: make it from flour, different types of flour, paleo version with banana and egg only (thanks no), potatoes, zucchini, and so on and on… List probably would be endless, and that is good! It gives […]

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